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Novel word count: 10,000 Frogs located: 0

I reached 10,000 words today, and that is a beautiful thing.

There is a frog around here. Not in my house, but outside, nearby. I heard it croaking several times. I opened the front door because it was so loud it sounded like it could be on my front porch. But when I opened the front door I could hear it coming from somewhere else, like across the street. So I’m not sure where it’s at. But I know if I could find it I would think, now that’s a beautiful frog !

I know I can probably write 50,000 words on this novel in November, and however more it takes to arrive at a pre-first draft in December A zero draft as they call it.

I don’t know, after that, how good I can make it. That is the big question. If I gave into this feeling I think it would be along the lines of that whole “fear of failure” thing people talk about. However, I’m not going to go there.

Also, Duck victory yesterday.