Penny loafers

It is the first of November. I’m participating in Nanowrimo and DigiWrimo, and one beautiful thing for today is that I have almost memorized the names for both. “I am doing that thing where you write a novel in a month” is how I’ve been referring to it for a few weeks when I tell people about it. But the official name is Nanowrimo! My project for DigiWrimo is to post one beautiful thing a day on this blog. Although this post contains several.

At this point I don’t have as much emotionally invested in   DigiWrimo because I’m not quite sure what its parameters are. I think by some definition I would be able to include Facebook postings and postings to discussion boards in the online classes as part of the word “count” for DigiWrimo, but since I do all that anyway, I’m not sure what the purpose of that would be. However since I teach exclusively online and I  Facebook pretty frequently, I figured I can learn something from DigiWrimo.

Also beautiful, the sky in November from my office window. My home office.  I can look out the window and see the occasional plane taking off and the sky is a uniform grey. Which feels pretty okay, which is probably pretty close to beautiful.

So far this morning I’ve written 1100 words on my Nanowrimo project – everyone knows writing 50,000 words on a novel in one month does not a novel make. But if I can pull off anything close to that, it will be a new experience for me, and that would be a beautiful thing.  The official goal is 50,000. My personal goal is 30,000.

So, in conclusion – somewhat structured writing goal for Nanowrimo – yes I have an outline for my novel. and what I find beautiful about this project is I think it will probably take me years to write this novel and I am enjoying the thought of entering into a long term project while continuing to write poetry and being able to go back and forth between the two. That is a nice rhythm. And then, the question of what the heck is Digiwrimo and just having that as …. more of a playground.

Also, the beauty of talking about “long term project” when one has only written 1100 words of it. Well, I have a bit more, from before Nanowrimo. But still.

Beautiful object of my procrastination this morning: spent about 45 minutes looking at Bass Weejuns online. Penny loafers. I may get a pair. Maybe if I get to the first 5,000 with my NanoWrimo I will buy a pair to celebrate. Yes.

Back to my Nanowrimo. I will update my word count tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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