Reached 20,000 words

And that is a beautiful thing.

However I’m not doing a very good job with this digiwrimo blog and I think I’m going to just make it part of my regular blog and never mind the digiwrimo thing.

I can only do one wrimo at a time, I guess. Right now “I’m writing a novel” which still seems like a poseur thing to say, but there it is!


Nanowrimo: 16186 words

I pushed through.

It’s colder today, and that’s a beautiful thing. I took a walk with Sawyer after writing 3110 words today. Settling in.

Leaves on the walk are beautiful.

Yoga now before I go to work!

NANOWRIMO: 13076 words

I have to admit my enthusiasm is waning a bit for this “novel” but I’m trying to push through it. I keep reminding myself that if this a long term project I won’t finish it this month or this year or even next year. So I’m trying to enjoy the process although at times I feel like I’m just … writing.

i could say I’m happy with how the election went and I am but I’m also tired of thinking about the election.

Novel word count: 10,000 Frogs located: 0

I reached 10,000 words today, and that is a beautiful thing.

There is a frog around here. Not in my house, but outside, nearby. I heard it croaking several times. I opened the front door because it was so loud it sounded like it could be on my front porch. But when I opened the front door I could hear it coming from somewhere else, like across the street. So I’m not sure where it’s at. But I know if I could find it I would think, now that’s a beautiful frog !

I know I can probably write 50,000 words on this novel in November, and however more it takes to arrive at a pre-first draft in December A zero draft as they call it.

I don’t know, after that, how good I can make it. That is the big question. If I gave into this feeling I think it would be along the lines of that whole “fear of failure” thing people talk about. However, I’m not going to go there.

Also, Duck victory yesterday.

Word count: 5626

So yes, see previous posting, I did order those loafers!

Drove Max to Seaside this morning. He got home from his football game in Bend at 2:00 a.m. last night, so we were both pretty tired. But it was a gorgeous drive. The fall colors in Oregon on Highway 26 are beautiful right now.

A Duck victory would be beautiful too.

I’m writing a novel and I have no idea what I’m doing. I have an outline. That’s about it. But I keep telling myself it’s a long term project and I have time to mess up and write some really bad sentences. Eventually it will get better.

Word Count:4034

I’m up to 4034 words. It’s Friday, which is often a beautiful thing.

Last night was the Country Music Awards, and a Facebook friend posted a link to Patsy Cline and said that was what American Country and Western music actually sounded like – or words to that effect.

I do like some of the “country” music that’s played on the radio, but I took his point.

Patsy Cline was beautiful.

I’ve written more words in the past two days than I think I’ve ever written in two days. It feels great.

Penny loafers

It is the first of November. I’m participating in Nanowrimo and DigiWrimo, and one beautiful thing for today is that I have almost memorized the names for both. “I am doing that thing where you write a novel in a month” is how I’ve been referring to it for a few weeks when I tell people about it. But the official name is Nanowrimo! My project for DigiWrimo is to post one beautiful thing a day on this blog. Although this post contains several.

At this point I don’t have as much emotionally invested in   DigiWrimo because I’m not quite sure what its parameters are. I think by some definition I would be able to include Facebook postings and postings to discussion boards in the online classes as part of the word “count” for DigiWrimo, but since I do all that anyway, I’m not sure what the purpose of that would be. However since I teach exclusively online and I  Facebook pretty frequently, I figured I can learn something from DigiWrimo.

Also beautiful, the sky in November from my office window. My home office.  I can look out the window and see the occasional plane taking off and the sky is a uniform grey. Which feels pretty okay, which is probably pretty close to beautiful.

So far this morning I’ve written 1100 words on my Nanowrimo project – everyone knows writing 50,000 words on a novel in one month does not a novel make. But if I can pull off anything close to that, it will be a new experience for me, and that would be a beautiful thing.  The official goal is 50,000. My personal goal is 30,000.

So, in conclusion – somewhat structured writing goal for Nanowrimo – yes I have an outline for my novel. and what I find beautiful about this project is I think it will probably take me years to write this novel and I am enjoying the thought of entering into a long term project while continuing to write poetry and being able to go back and forth between the two. That is a nice rhythm. And then, the question of what the heck is Digiwrimo and just having that as …. more of a playground.

Also, the beauty of talking about “long term project” when one has only written 1100 words of it. Well, I have a bit more, from before Nanowrimo. But still.

Beautiful object of my procrastination this morning: spent about 45 minutes looking at Bass Weejuns online. Penny loafers. I may get a pair. Maybe if I get to the first 5,000 with my NanoWrimo I will buy a pair to celebrate. Yes.

Back to my Nanowrimo. I will update my word count tomorrow. Stay tuned.

DigiWri November!

Hello everyone. I’m participating in DigiWri this November. But I’m also doing NanoWrimo, so I know there is no way I’m going to write an additional 50,000 words for DigiWri.

A friend of mine has a blog where he posts 3 beautiful things for most of his posts. For example

My goal for DigiWri is to post one beautiful thing a day. It will either be presented to you in prose, poetry, or in visual images.

Here’s to a beautiful November.